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Making small changes…packing a lunch!

19 Sep

Late summer blooms remind us to enjoy the remaining days of warm weather

I can’t believe it has been almost a month since my first post… I forgot how demanding college can be!  And how hard it is to stay on track with eating well…it truly does require planning and some effort. I am finding that rather than trying to change everything at once and instantaneously revert back to  my year in California when I was eating well and exercising fairly regularly, that it is much more realistic to make small changes. Once you have committed yourself to one small change, and you notice results from that change, then try something else! I had this idea that on September 1st, I was going to overhaul my “old” life and start a “new” one…it has not happened. I quickly realized that with all of the demands of my senior year, writing my research thesis and what seems like truly endless reading, that I could not just suddenly change my ways, bingity bang and I’m eating quinoa and kale everyday!

So I am starting small. I’ve been packing my lunch/snacks to bring on campus. When you bring food from home to class/work, you avoid eating something that may not be all that good for you and more importantly you actually eat during the midday when you body really needs the nourishment! We are all familiar with the early afternoon growling stomach/headache/tiredness that comes when we have not eaten anything since breakfast (and the morning fatigue when we don’t eat breakfast)! There is no way you will be able to optimally perform whatever duties you may have, school or work, without adequate nourishment, SO PACK A LUNCH! So some things you may want to consider when packing a lunch..

1. Buy a lunchbox, because no one likes a warm turkey sandwich…

  • I purchased a lunchbox at TJ MAXX and I love it. Now I know what you must be thinking, a lunch box really.. I havent had a lunchbox since the fourth grade, but I am telling you, its worth it!

2. Plan out what you want to have for lunch during the week before you go to the grocery store…if you don’t have lunch materials in your fridge, then you most likely won’t be packing lunch which means you will be either not eating or eating a 700 calorie sandwich from Panera…

  • I recommend buying some quality deli meat, such as turkey. Ask at the counter if they have any meats that are not super processed and cured with preservatives. Many of the deli’s are offering organic and natural meats which do not have/have fewer preservatives.

When cooking dinner, make a little extra to pack for lunch the next day.

  • I was making herb chicken the other night for dinner and decided to cook a few extra breasts to make sandwichs for lunch…and let me just say the sandwich was a delicious alternative to my usual deli turkey variety!

Some ideas for good lunches:

  • Turkey/Avocado/Swiss sandwich and a seasonal fruit or some veggie sticks.
  • Mixed greens, 3 oz salmon/other fish (3 oz is about the size of  a deck of cards), any other veggies you want!
  • Last nights LO’s! A good example would be 3 oz of chicken/other lean meat and veggies
  • Check out for snack ideas!

My next step on the road to vitality is a 3 day detox.. check back later to learn about detoxing! Also, my first cooking demo on how to make my famous guacamole should be up soon!

Until next time,



My New Life, Round Dos!

1 Sep

So here I am at the start of my “new life” and I find myself wanting to share my journey with you all.. and you may wonder what I mean when I say my new life, well read on!

I went through a mini life crisis during my sophomore year of college. At the time I was taking a basic Biology/Science course, which the instructor lovingly nicknamed “Awaken 101.” This course introduced me to environmentalism and the idea of holistic living, including the dangers of our food system.  In an effort to take action, I vowed to cut high fructose corn syrup out of my life, which essentially meant no more processed and packaged foods for me.

I was also incredibly unhappy with my studies and decided to take a “leave of absence.” Flash forward a few months. I was visiting my favorite aunt in the San Francisco Bay Area and came across a Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts School. The programs at the school are based on eating whole, local, seasonal and organic foods to replenish your body, mind and soul. I was so excited about the program and enrolled right away. Within a few weeks I was accepted to begin their Nutrition Educator program. I packed my bags and moved to Berkeley, California where the school was located. Over the next few months I learned so much about food and how it influences every aspect of ones health. Suddenly all of my little aches and pains and daily bothers (you know headaches, stomachaches, moodiness, menstrual issues etc) were gone!

I left California in the spring of 2009 and moved back to Pennsylvania. After debating what to do in terms of finishing my Bachelors Degree, I decided to head back to Penn State and give their nutrition program a try. It wasn’t for me so I switched my major (yet again) to Sociology. I was happy with this switch and enjoyed my studies, but had lost myself in the college-lifestyle –too much partying, pulling all-nighters and everything else that one associates with typical college behavior and my health was paying the price. I was not eating healthy, whole foods all the time nor was I doing any exercise.  I was splurging one too many times on chicken-fingers and fries, pizza and all the other wonderfully bad for you foods that we all enjoy so much.

Now I am at the start of my senior year (yippie!) and am carrying what I had previously called my “freshman 10” pounds, yet again. And the little aches and pains and daily bothers are back lurking in my daily life. I asked myself how I let this happen, why I let myself forget about the wonders of food and how good it can actually make you feel! Well the question can be pondered no longer. Action must be taken. I invite you to follow me on my journey back to optimal health! I will be posting tips along the way and encourage you to ask questions about eating well and how you can combat the college lifestyle with me!