An Endless Highway

So who am I, why have I decided to enter the blogging sphere?

…A few years ago I vowed to cut High Fructose Corn Syrup out

of my life which put me on the path to becoming a Holistic Nutrition Educator. Eating whole, healthy foods is what I love, it is my passion. But like most people my age,  sometimes it is just too hard to resist that delicious late night slice of pizza, and I say go for it and ENJOY it!

I want to educate people in their twenties on how to eat healthy now and use food to combat some of the more detrimental parts of the typical twenties lifestyle we are all so familiar with… you know like the effects of going to your favorite watering hole every other night until 3 am…

I call this  Combating the College Lifestyle…using food to fight the unwanted side effects of these last few years before “real life” truly sets in! By developing good eating habits now, you are securing a smooth ride later on this road we call life.

Look for video cooking demonstrations, recipes and tips for combating your twenties and feel free to ask me questions!


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