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Winter hibernation and supplements…

30 Dec

Happy (Belated) Holidays!

As the New Year approaches, I have become increasingly aware of just how early I began my winter hibernation this year… I think the combination of a very difficult semester and a new boyfriend made it very easy for me to just say, “welp it’s cold outside, the farmers market is closed, I guess I can’t do anything but snuggle up with a good TV show”… and this all happened in October! Just kidding, well sort of. Anyways, I have not stuck to my promise of writing about my nutrition goals and changes as I said I would do in when I first began this journey. And truthfully, I am a little upset with myself for not writing and for even more importantly not sticking to the goals that I had in mind for this past semester. I cried to my mom this evening about how disappointed I was in myself for letting my health goals go so astray. And you know what she told me to do? Stop crying and just pick up where I left off. And make attainable goals, instead of trying to change my life all at once. So that is what I am doing.

Since it is winter, and here in central PA the bounty is no longer plentiful, I have decided to give the JuicePlus+ supplements a try. I have been looking into these whole food supplements for a while now, and have decided that it is worth it to give them a try. They are basically concentrated fruits and veggies in a little capsule, that will hopefully boost my health (especially these damn winter blues) in this time of limited fresh bounty…

I will keep you updated on how they are working…hopefully they will arrive next week 🙂 Just in time for the start of the 28-day Whole Living action plan that I have chosen to participate in! Sign-up now on their website, for the challenge which begins on January 3rd! I am REALLY looking forward to a structured plan to get back on the healthy track 🙂