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Going Raw!

9 Jan

Since it is the new year, in conjunction with the Whole Living 28-Day Action Plan, I have decided to incorporate a bit of a raw detox thanks to the inspiration I found in the quick and easy read, The Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia rose

So far it is going well! I dug out my mom’s juicer and have been really enjoying experimenting with various veggie/fruit juice combinations! Equally enjoyable are the MASSSIVE raw salads that I’ve been creating!

Only veggies here folks!

Eating raw is a big change, and right now I am sticking to with a mostly raw till dinner approach… check out detoxtheworld.com for more on the benefits of going raw. I will be posting more as I get more into the lifestyle and decide what is for me and what isn’t! Also, the Juice Plus+ whole food supplements that I decided to try have come, and I began taking them two days ago! I am hoping that between all the juicing and raw veggies AND the supplements, that I will be feeling more vital and alive in no time at all 🙂


I’ve committed to the 2011 PostAWeek challenge

30 Dec

Since I feel like I am not sharing enough of my nutrition and culinary adventures, I have decided to take the 2011 WordPress challenge and post at least once a week. Now this may not seem like a very big commitment to some, but I feel that it is always better to commit to something that you can actually accomplish, rather than to something that would require you jump through blazing hoops to make happen..so like I said before.. START SMALL 🙂